About us

We are Tanine and Roemer, two improvisers both living in Amsterdam. When we discovered we both love well acted improv with a heart, that shows our intrinsic human kindness as well as our meanness and our weaknesses, we decided to create a fun and endeering improv show to demonstrate that our weaknesses are just the flip sides of our love and best intentions. We love to play with our different cultural backgrounds, the misunderstandings and prejudices that they yield but also the discoveries and new ideas that they provide us with. 

Tanine Dunais is an improviser from Iran, momentarily living in Amsterdam. She's lived in Iran, Dubai, Italy, France and Holland. She started doing improvisation theatre in Dubai in 2016, and has been travelling the world since to be taught by the best improvisation teachers. She plays in several international improv groups she co-founded. She also founded an all women, Iranian improv group based in Amsterdam working on cultural subjects from a point of view of Persian girls living in Europe. She's played on many improv festivals in the world, up to India. She speaks Farsi, English, French and Italian.

Roemer Lievaart has been an Amsterdam based improviser for more than 20 years and teaches improv for 19 years. He is also a schooled film maker and actor, wrote a Dutch best-selling book on film making (in its 11th print), a play, and writes, directs and plays scripted plays. His big specialisation however are improvised plays: how to make a full bodied story up on the sport with a group of actors. He started several successful improv groups and still plays and directs with 5 different groups. He teaches acting in improv internationally, from Belgium to India. He speaks Dutch, English, German, Italian, French and a tiny bit of Esperanto.    >>>WEBSITE