Unexpected Encounters - an improvised play

In 'Unexpected Encounter' two strangers meet and get to know each other - and themselves. An honest discovery of other cultures, other viewpoints, personal truths and of course: another person.

Sometimes meeting a stranger is an unforgettable event. Strangers will almost always have certain prejudices about you. Some may be very painful. But strangers can also can open new worlds for you, make you look differently at yourself, be an unexpected inspiration...

In an ever more polarised world actors Tanine (from Iran) and Roemer (from The Netherlands) believe in the importance of connecting people by showing that we are more similar than we often think. 

 'Unexpected encounters' is a fully improvised one act play where we have the audience creates two characters and a setting and see what these strangers will mean to each other, and were we explore both the ugly sides and the beautiful sides of everyday people. Because no-one is only bad or only good.

  • The show is completely improvised. Nothing is scripted.
  • The audience will decide which characters they want to see.
  • Sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing, but always showing the beauty of humans
  • Will make you think of special meetings with strangers in your own life!